Innovation: this is the key word that makes Top a leading company on the market for panel customization machines, addressing furniture manufacturers of any kind: kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.

These are unique products both because of their high technological level, but also because of their high degree of flexibility and customization. Top machines and IT solutions are, in fact, designed and made to measure to meet the production needs of the customer, who will not have to adapt to the product as it often happens on the market, but on the contrary will find a company ready to shape itself according to the customers’ needs.

Results like these are obtained only through a real passion for one’s own work and dedication to the objective that arises.

The choice of Top is in fact to focus on a team of young and dynamic collaborators, always ready to improve and get involved in order to achieve more ambitious goals from time to time.

Because to grow we must always be a step forward…

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