T.O.P. srl (Technologies for the optimization of productions) is a company that stands to support producers, in particular operating in the furniture market, in the difficult phase of the introduction of meaningful technological innovations regarding machines and plants.

T.O.P. srl designs and manufactures special vertical CNC machines for drilling, milling, routing and insertion of fittings (hinge, hinge plates, cabinet hanger) in all the elements that make up the furniture. The fundamental characteristic of Top machines is the high degree of customization which makes them suitable to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Thanks to its experience in the field T.O.P. srl also  provides service, spare parts for boring-inserting machines by different manufacturers and retrofits  for second hand machines.

The strategic objective of T.O.P. srl is to follow a few customers and enhance them by selecting from among those with the highest levels of innovation and productivity, helping to raise the competitiveness of manufacturers in the field of production facilities.

Over the years T.O.P. Srl has created or has taken over new companies such as Top Iberica and Top France, which deal with the production and sale of machines for panel processing, service and spare parts on the Spanish and French market, Top Systems srl producing cabinet clamps, handling and logistics, Top High Tech srl operating in the field of laser technology, Rampoldi X-Ray srl in the electronics and X-ray technology systems sector, Meccanica Medese srl manufacturer of drilling and routing heads and mechanical equipment, such as aggregates.

The group today, in full compliance with its business plan, operates in its own production facilities with a staff of over 65 people and a group relevant professional experts in technical subjects.

Yes, we're Technology Maniacs.