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TOP France

La politique de Top srl a toujours été de rester proche de ses clients afin d’offrir le meilleur service possible dans les meilleurs délais : TOP FRANCE est née, la nouvelle société du groupe Top Srl sera opérationnelle sur le marché français à partir du mois d’avril 2019.

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Leader of Growth 2019


T.O.P. srl has been selected by the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore in collaboration with Statista (international company that deals with the elaboration of market data and complex research projects) among Italian companies, mostly small and medium, which have obtained a relevant turnover growth in the three years between 2014 and 2017.

The result of this study is a list of 350 companies “Leader of growth“, a list that highlights the factors that have allowed these companies to grow in a period marked by a strong national and international market crisis. Some of these factors are the boom in digital and e-commerce, the propensity to internationalization, the absolute quality of the product and technological innovation.

And these same factors strongly characterize the company philosophy and the activity of T.O.P. srl which occupies the 277th position in the list, with an annual turnover growth rate of 25.04%: a result that certainly makes us very proud, but that for us is not a point of arrival, but on the contrary a springboard towards even better developments and outcomes.

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Industria – 2017, June


Innovation: this is the key word that makes Top a leading company on the market for panel customization machines, addressing furniture manufacturers of any kind: kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.

These are unique products both because of their high technological level, but also because of their high degree of flexibility and customization. Top machines and IT solutions are, in fact, designed and made to measure to meet the production needs of the customer, who will not have to adapt to the product as it often happens on the market, but on the contrary will find a company ready to shape itself according to the customers’ needs.

Results like these are obtained only through a real passion for one’s own work and dedication to the objective that arises.

The choice of Top is in fact to focus on a team of young and dynamic collaborators, always ready to improve and get involved in order to achieve more ambitious goals from time to time.

Because to grow we must always be a step forward…

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InTop – Technology on display


Talking about T.O.P. srl does not simply mean describing a business reality, but rather it means talking about an entrepreneurial philosophy that has always distinguished our company and today distinguishes the whole group.


T.O.P. vision has always been devoted to technological development and has always led us to put the customer at the centre of this development, to conceive and implement innovative “tailor-made” solutions to solve the organizational and production problems of our customers. It is no coincidence that our company, which is young both in reference to its year of foundation and the average age of the employees, has been the protagonist of an unprecedented growth: we were the protagonists of a small “economic miracle”, and this in a very period in which the market was marked by a deep crisis. The reasons for this success are many and are to be found above all in the desire of T.O.P. to always be at the forefront and to shape itself on the needs of the customers.

Today the group is made up of different companies both on the national and international market and boasts a range of products from vertical machines for panel customization, handling, working heads, cabinet presses, to software products: Top is not only a machinery supplier but a real strategic partner able to offer advice and complex solutions. We do not offer standard systems and machines which customers have to adapt to, but rather on the contrary we start from a frame and configure the machine and systems to best suit the needs of our customers.


Just because the customer for us is the cornerstone of the activity, we open our company to our partners and customers because we are proud of what we have to show: during the event, T.O.P. will show different solutions especially in the field of drilling and insertion. In this occasion, we will exhibit a line consisting of two machines (PROXIMA and FLEXA models) for drilling-milling and inserting of doors and drawer fronts, a machine, FSP, for drilling and in-line dowelling of horizontal pieces, our NEXT model, the only plant in the world able to drill with heads and panels moving together. And again, LITE, our drilling machine, the STE84 hydraulic cabinet press, the aggregates of our partner Meccanica Medese that stand out in Italy for quality and choice.

It will also be possible to visit different production lines during the assembly and testing, including a line with cabinet sides drilling and insertion of various types of fittings and drawer rails, which are loaded directly into the machine by europallets or the Flexa machine that will go in line with the above-mentioned Fsp for the drilling of cabinet sides.

It is not easy to describe in words the beating heart of T.O.P., we hope you will come to discover it personally …