T.O.P. srl has been selected by the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore in collaboration with Statista (international company that deals with the elaboration of market data and complex research projects) among Italian companies, mostly small and medium, which have obtained a relevant turnover growth in the three years between 2014 and 2017.

The result of this study is a list of 350 companies “Leader of growth“, a list that highlights the factors that have allowed these companies to grow in a period marked by a strong national and international market crisis. Some of these factors are the boom in digital and e-commerce, the propensity to internationalization, the absolute quality of the product and technological innovation.

And these same factors strongly characterize the company philosophy and the activity of T.O.P. srl which occupies the 277th position in the list, with an annual turnover growth rate of 25.04%: a result that certainly makes us very proud, but that for us is not a point of arrival, but on the contrary a springboard towards even better developments and outcomes.

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