TOP. srl was founded in 2006 in Cadorago: since that moment our history has been characterized by continuous growth thanks to the development of products and technologies that are always at the forefront and the opening of new markets.

The factory in Cadorago has grown with us until today but at this point in our history, and in the history of our partners, the need arises for a change of location, both for increased production needs and because our business strategy is that of bringing together our partners in a single production, logistics, administrative and commercial centre in order to increase our efficiency.
For this reason T.O.P. srl is moving its production and offices to Giussano (MB) in Via Monte Grappa 66/68.

Let’s start a new and exciting chapter in our history, still to be written ……….

The details to contact us have remained unchanged:
Tel +39 0314473341